The JAM program shows teen girls and young women how to detect and reject negative media images, eliminate toxic relationships, poor body image and make wiser choices. When young women learn how to be assertive and take personal responsibility for their lives, they are equipped to avoid making mistakes in life that can hold them back in the future.

Chandra Southern

Founder and Executive Director,
Delivered Vessels, Inc.

"Ms. Allen is a great motivational speaker, leader and role model for the children that are being mentored within or program. She makes people want to listen to and act on her message. You become engaged just by being around her!"

Dr. Katheryn Jones

Destiny Family Services

"Daree encourages our young ladies in their journey to find themselves and make appropriate choices in their life. After she conducted a review of her book, 'What's Wrong With Me?' with our Sons and Daughters with Destiny Youth Program participants, I received great reviews from parents and staff."